Top Questions You Have to Answer before Developing a Website

These days, we can’t disregard the importance of a website for any organization or business. But having a good-looking site is not enough, there are certain key principles that you have to consider in order for your website to yield a healthy return on investment. Before you even begin developing a website, there are a few important questions that you have to answer beforehand.   What is the purpose of the website? By determining the purpose of your website beforehand, it will tell you what type of content you will be developing and working with. It also let you find out the types of technologies that you’ll have to incorporate. So, ask yourself first, will it sell or support a product or service? Is it for entertainment or games? Is your purpose to provide information or news? Etc.   Who is the audience? Next question to ask is who is your target audience? Will it be adults, children, seniors, professionals, hobbyists, men, women, everyone, etc.…
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